Continuous Assessment

To the serious attention of the parents and the students
There will be 20% marks for Continuous Assessment from I to classes for every subject (From I to V Std. oral, reading, dictation & practical of Computer etc are parts of Continuous Assessment). Therefore, It is requested both the parents and students to pay their due attention to it and understand the criteria for the evaluation of continuous assessment so that the students may pay their serious attention to their studies and score good marks.
Continuous assessment is an evaluation of the learner and his/her performance during the whole academic year. Its main aim is to give more support and guidance to the learners to increase their academic achievements, responsibility and discipline. In our evaluation of continuous assessment we consider two aspects.
1. Assessment in the Cognitive Domain : (15 marks)
It is associated with learning and understanding. a) Five marks for the Average of Test Papers. b) Five marks for the completion and maintenance of the note books and work books. c) Five marks for Seminars, Assignments, Project works and holiday home works.
The average of the obtained marks of these points will be the assessment marks. There shall be no re-test for the absentees. Note : For classes I to V oral tests of English, Hindi, Punjabi & Maths are parts of Continuous Assessment.
2. Affective and Psychomotor Domain : (05 marks)
It applies to the characteristics such as the attitude, psychological traits, attendance, discipline, co-operation with the teachers, obedience, handwriting, practice of Rule of Language, honesty, politeness, cleanliness of person and dress etc.
The joint co-operation of the teachers, administrators, students and parents is very important for the learners' progress. Therefore I request the parents and students to pay your serious attention to the above mentioned aspects so that our students may grow in knowledge, discipline and responsibility.